This product represents our company’s experience of many years. Our aim is to make this product exceptionally resistant to extreme wear. Apart from the fact that the product has got natural look, it does not require yearly maintenance or oiling and sanding. This material is resistant against marine environment, i. e. against sea water and extreme UV radiation. Stains can be easily removed and the surface is anti-slipping under all weather conditions.

We offer a decorative, durable, and maintenance free solution for decking the patios or hard surfaces around pools. The surface of this artificial teak wood does not slip even in rain, is colour stable after years and years of use, and is cleaned easily.


availiable in various colours • a durable, maintenance-free material that is sea and weather resistant • fast and efficient assembly • can be easily repaired in case of mechanical damage • applicable to any kind of surface • contributes to the preservation of tropical rain forests and is recyclable


a quality alternative to genuine teak


has an anti-slip surface


does not lose colour even under the influence of UV radiation and does not get old as genuine wood does


efficiently damps noise


stains can be easily removed


excellent price and quality ratio


Dura-teak merges the Croatians’ shipping experience of many years and the 30 year long experience in the area of material extrusion. Our company’s aim is to constantly develop and improve our products and we committed ourselves to protecting the environment.

Through durability of our products and the used production technologies we strive for the smallest ecological footprint possible in order for you to be able to use our products as long as possible, whether we speak of your ship deck surfaces or the pool surrounding areas.


Light Teak

Classic Teak

Dark Teak

Dark Grey

Light Grey

Grout color options:
Black, White, Ivory